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Food Heavy Metal Quick Analyzer helps cannabis company to analyze their crops and soils for heavy metals and other contaminants

Neil M.

Food Heavy-Metal Quick Analyzer - QualiX-S Plus is used to achieve fast detection of trace heavy metal elements in food by using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) technology with the most advanced detectors and excitation source and other hardware configurations.

Irradiating by high-power X-ray, the fluorescent X-rays of various elements in the sample can be excited, the energy characteristics are varied by the elements, the qualitative analysis can be performed by measuring the X-rays intensities of different elements respectively by using a semiconductor detector. And the X-ray intensity emitted by an excited sample is related to the element content in the sample, therefore, the quantitative analysis can be performed by building a digital model of element & content.

At present, this product is applied for rapid non-destructive detection of cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), arsenic (As), selenium (Se) in rice, wheat, corn, tobacco and other crops with a min. the detection limit of 0.04ppm, 2~3 min rapid-screening, 25 min accurate measurement.

Our customer in the cannabis industry was looking for a method of testing their crops and soils for heavy metals and other contaminants as a way of ensuring product quality. The QualiX-S Plus is perfectly suited to determining the levels of lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals in a sample, and comes equipped with an autosampler accessory that permits easy measurement of up to 54 samples without the need for operator intervention. Additionally, having in-house testing capability offered considering savings in third-party testing costs, since the product can be tested before being sent and they can ensure that the product that is sent out for testing will pass. It is an ideal instrument for any customers working with products intended for human consumption.